Korean lie in South Korea ship sinking.

South Korea ship sinking accident that occurred in the Jindo off, many lies is discovered from at the time of the accident.

Lie's culture of Korean, but the constitution of the liar does not seem to change catastrophe many people like die even happening.

Number of passenger. → lie
Number of rescuer. → lie
Number of rescue helicopter. → lie
Number of rescue workers. → lie
Mail from the ship. → lie. All found to be fraud.
No support from Japan. → lie
The air injected into the ship continuously. → lie
Representative family of missing persons. → lie
Diver found out until the ship. → lie
Diver is said, "the voice from the ship". → lie
Has broken all the fingers of the victims. → lie
It was not a boat ride in the original school trip. → lie
Sailors and captain. → They fled, leaving the ship in passengers.
Name of the sailor. → Was the false name.
Captain declared to be "living with the ship" in the past. → Captain fled first and foremost.
What captain was? → He was dry money.
White questioned the captain. → He went to the hospital so sore ass.
Number of people were rescued. → lie
Victim family representative. → lie. It was the appeal of the election of the opposition candidate.
Private diver said, "government is terrible". → It was a charlatan who do not have even the diver's license.
South Korea military personnel out of the sea right now. → Lie. It was acting to get it wet with water.
"We are injecting oxygen" maritime police (4/16 am) → lie. Oxygen was delivered to the site 4/17.
"Rescue worker 555 people, 121 helicopter aircraft" Korea authorities. → lie. Workers is less than 200 people.
Fraud of "rescue if you pay the money" is rampant in Korea.
South Korean ship sank was repeated a total of 139 times overload from last year.

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