Sense discrimination and vulgar humor of France mass media

Newspaper Le Canard enchaine of France published the caricature describing the wrestler etc. who associate the contaminated water leak by that Tokyo was chosen as the Summer Olympics 2020 venue in the space dated the 11th, and the Tokyo Electric Power Fukushima nuclear power plant, and have an arm and three legs.
Although the Japanese government protested through the embassy, the chief editor of Le Canard enchaine stated [ "he does not plan to apologize" and ] at an interview of the radio station on the 12th.

Sense discrimination and vulgar humor of France mass media

Sense discrimination and vulgar humor of France mass media

After introducing the composite photograph from which the arm of goalkeeper Kawashima, the representative of Japan, with which a variety program chairman of the national broadcasting "France 2" of France, Roland, played a match against the France representation of soccer also in October, 2012 became four, it said, "I think the influence of the Fukushima nuclear power plant."

"Tsunami in a Teacup" Boring Laurent Ruquier in a toilet bowl. | Mon Amour

The president and Foreign Minister Roland Fabius of France 2 also apologized for this utterance to the protest of the Japan government.
However, Roland "it is like the tsunami in a glass.
It was said that it was Japan that decides what French television does."

Roland has not yet apologized to Japan.

Roland was married those days.
May it become happiness freely with a husband or the bride!

It is said that this duck Ann Chenez paper has also refused the apology to Japan.
French joke was boring and they have understood that it was discriminatory.

French duck food is famous for foie gras.

Le Canard enchaine should change the name to Le Canard venin de.

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