Korea JoongAng Ilbo"The use of atomic bombs at Japan is a punishment of God."

JoongAng Ilbo of South Korea was an article of "punishment of God" the The use of atomic bombs at Japan.

When Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan visited the Air Self-Defense Force Matsushima base in the affected areas visit of the Great East Japan Earthquake, I sat in the cockpit to ASDF machine to the article.
You are claimed as was 731, reflection of Japan is not enough to blame as the same troops and the name of the Imperial Japanese Army number of the ASDF machine.

The JoongAng Ilbo article, you have a "harsh punishment" by God the atomic bombing and large-scale air raid further.

It is claimed that "It was revenge of Asian to Japan militarism", "revenge of the Jews", for the The use of atomic bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki the air raid to Dresden, Germany end of the war.

Fact-free warning to non-combatants, and large-scale killing of non-discrimination is also backed with "changed the history and to remodel the state".

"Judge bombing of Japan is lacking is freedom of God" JoongAng Ilbo article is concluded at the insistence that positive military attack on Japan.

The post was written by Kim Jin editorial committee of the JoongAng Ilbo, it's said that one of the journalists better in Korea.

Those anti-Japanese and anti - Japan remarks activity is hero in Korea.

Korea condemn Japan and brought out many times the comfort women issue during the war.
However, Japan is the apology and compensation many times.

Condemned by remarks Mayor Toru Hashimoto of Japan who spoke "At that time (during the war)" and is fabricated I am wrong.

Are doing the actual discrimination in our time or not in Korea?

【時視各角】安倍、丸太の復讐を忘れたか(1) | Joongang Ilbo | 中央日報【時視各角】安倍、丸太の復讐を忘れたか(1) | Joongang Ilbo | 中央日報
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韓国紙「原爆投下は神の罰」、記事で無差別爆撃を支持 日本大使館抗議 - MSN産経ニュース韓国紙「原爆投下は神の罰」、記事で無差別爆撃を支持 日本大使館抗議 - MSN産経ニュース

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