Pro-Japanese student is arrested in Korea.

The 13-year-old junior high school student who made the pro-Japanese community site in South Korea was arrested.

"Takeshima is a territory in Japan" and "Japan transplanted the fundamental market economy to Korea" were written to a South Korean junior high school student's pro-Japanese community site.

The South Korean junior high school student had spelled "the Japanophile I would like to help not a traitor but Japan from the bottom of my heart."
It is attachment about the photograph which burned the South Korean flag on August 15 as "a text which is the World War anniversary of the end of the war, and commemorates a Japane defeat day". "no independence movement houses (South Korea) were helpful to Guangfu (independence) in Korea.
The result which the Allied Forces made give up Korea to Japan" was also claimed.

The police is considering adaptation of the national flag and national emblem profanity suspicion for the junior high school student.

If a South Korean national flag destruction crime is carried out on five years or less of penal servitude, or the monetary penalty of 7 million won or less when the national flag and a national emblem are damaged in order to insult a state, it will become.

In South Korea SNS, there have been a lot of comments "beat 13 years old to death but for a state apparatus", "parents also punishing", and "the Juvenile Law should be revised.

In South Korea, even if it burns, steps on or eats the Japanese national flag, it is not accused of a crime.
Conversely, it is said that a Japanophile is accused of a crime.
It is the reason a commonsense adult does not grow up in South Korea.

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