"Tsunami in a Teacup" Boring Laurent Ruquier in a toilet bowl.

Mr. Laurent Ruquier repeats the slander to the Japanese on uninteresting.

Spoke on the radio on April 17 Laurent Ruquier "to decide what television. France whether the kind of Tsunami in a Teacup is not Japan."

Laurent Ruquier would not know how many people died in the Tsunami that occurred at the time of last year's earthquake in Japan.

川島永嗣選手が腕4本の合成写真で仏テレビ番組司会者「福島(第1原発の事故)の影響ではないか」と発言 | CUTPLAZA DIARY川島永嗣選手が腕4本の合成写真で仏テレビ番組司会者「福島(第1原発の事故)の影響ではないか」と発言 | CUTPLAZA DIARY

川島選手に「福島(原発)の影響」発言でTV局社長と仏外相謝罪も、司会者「ばかげた議論だ」 | CUTPLAZA DIARY川島選手に「福島(原発)の影響」発言でTV局社長と仏外相謝罪も、司会者「ばかげた議論だ」 | CUTPLAZA DIARY

"forgive and forgive" says in Japan, "It passes in water."
However, Japan can not afford to forget as long as Laurent Ruquier does not apologize.

"No interesting" calls it "Tsu-ma-ra-nai."

"Boring" and "Not got blocked" are read with "Tsu-ma-ra-nai" in Japanese.

Boring Mr. Laurent Ruquier in a toilet bowl.

Laurent Ruquier is not interesting jokes. Don't apologize. Emcee worst.

Laurent Ruquier has said "Impact of Fukushima."
Laurent Ruquier is talking on the Le Parisien.
"Subject to the French national team and I joke that lost to Japan. Two, is the result of a nuclear disaster caused" "I have a respect to the victims of Fukushima, about the victims did not say anything."

It's a really stupid argument.

French Foreign Minister and President of the TV station has apologized for the remarks that insulted and Fukushima Eiji Kawashima.

Do not apologize Laurent Ruquier, Laurent Ruquier excuse is always on top of it.

French presenter's joke was hurt on others uninteresting.

Laurent Ruquier I should know that you are sad at the same time make people laugh, that could hurt someone, excuse of Laurent Ruquier is not required.

川島永嗣選手が腕4本の合成写真で仏テレビ番組司会者「福島(第1原発の事故)の影響ではないか」と発言 | CUTPLAZA DIARY川島永嗣選手が腕4本の合成写真で仏テレビ番組司会者「福島(第1原発の事故)の影響ではないか」と発言 | CUTPLAZA DIARY

ローラン・リュキエ氏はLe Parisienで話している。






French Joke is not interesting.If France don't talk, discrimination decreases from the world.

French Joke is not interesting.
If France don't talk, discrimination decreases from the world.
Before becoming silent, France should apologize for Kawashima and Fukushima.

川島永嗣選手が腕4本の合成写真で仏テレビ番組司会者「福島(第1原発の事故)の影響ではないか」と発言 | CUTPLAZA DIARY川島永嗣選手が腕4本の合成写真で仏テレビ番組司会者「福島(第1原発の事故)の影響ではないか」と発言 | CUTPLAZA DIARY

Compensate Japan on Chinese responsibility.

The contents are wrong although the Chinese cartoonist was drawing the comics of the anti-Japan demonstration involving the Senkaku Islands.


China should repair the thing of destruction or the Japanese company which stole by terrorism.

Planning for China to steal a Japanese thing should stop.

China is not country ruled by law. Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.

China is not country ruled by law.
It tries to steal the territory in Japan, Chinese people violate the Japanese in China, and China destroys a store.
Neither the China police nor the army can control the Chinese who committed the crime.
It is because it fears that anger is turned to the Chinese government.

Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.
朝日新聞デジタル:反日デモ、中国50都市に拡大 日系工場焼き打ち - 国際朝日新聞デジタル:反日デモ、中国50都市に拡大 日系工場焼き打ち - 国際

The Senkaku Islands is a territory in Japan, in view of history.
1970s However, China began to assert possession, suddenly.

Joshiraku"Is there any shameful country which makes a political remark for sports?"

Comics of Mr. Yasuharu Kumeta and Mr. Yasu "Joshiraku".
Kuurubiyuutei-Gankyou"Political utterance is not made in the Olympic Charter."
Bouhatei-Tetora"Does the country where the grade which makes a political remark for sports specially is low exist?"
If there is a country which did the shameful act at the Olympic Games, you should disappear from the earth.

【画像】じょしらく 防波亭手寅「わざわざスポーツで政治的発信するなんて、そんな程度の低い国ある訳ないじゃない」
【画像】じょしらく 防波亭手寅「わざわざスポーツで政治的発信するなんて、そんな程度の低い国ある訳ないじゃない」

Pro-Japanese student is arrested in Korea.

The 13-year-old junior high school student who made the pro-Japanese community site in South Korea was arrested.

"Takeshima is a territory in Japan" and "Japan transplanted the fundamental market economy to Korea" were written to a South Korean junior high school student's pro-Japanese community site.

Naples cockroach outbreak. In Japan cockroach extermination Housan-Dango.

Cockroaches have occupied the financial collapse of Naples.
Since the budget has been reduced cleaning station overshadowed by the debt crisis, this one year is because we did not do the cleaning and disinfection of sewage even once.

痛いニュース(ノ∀`) : 「道を歩くとクッキーを踏むような音が」…財政破綻で巨大ゴキブリがナポリを占拠 - ライブドアブログ痛いニュース(ノ∀`) : 「道を歩くとクッキーを踏むような音が」…財政破綻で巨大ゴキブリがナポリを占拠 - ライブドアブログ

Naples city officials are trying to prevent the growth of cockroach insecticide sowing sewer and eateries several times a day.
Cause the annihilation is difficult, there is a possibility that the cockroaches are resistant to insecticides, however.

Japan is to kill of the poison by feeding cockroaches come out in the summer.

This is a recipe for "Housan-Dango" poison bait for cockroaches.

Korean journalist"Japan has once again come to disaster. Every country does not help"

Korean journalist has spoken as follows in the South Korean news web site.
"Japan needs to receive Heaven's Vengeance once again. No country helps Japan."


Korean journalist

"The heavenly punishment" which this Korean journalist says is "suffering the disaster by an earthquake."
However, Japan has received support from many countries, such as Taiwan, the United States, and Thailand.


South Korea stopped fund-raising of the Great East Japan Earthquake on the way.
The fund raised for the Great East Japan Earthquake was contributed for the aid services of the Takeshima possession.


Japan suffered the damage caused by the earthquake of the Great East Japan Earthquake in March, 2011.
South Korea has received the economical support of 30 billion dollars called a Japan-South Korea currency swap from Japan in October, 2011.


South Korea received economical support from Japan repeatedly until now.
Surely the trouble in the history of war was between Japan and South Korea.
However, Japan is doing apology and compensation repeatedly until now.
It is still said that South Korea should yet carry out apology and compensation to Japan.
Japan says South Korea to a disaster as practice.


London Olympic Korean players put up the political banner. Team Korea is carrying.


Korean players raised a political message, they carry Korean player was put on the Korean flag it in the London Olympics.

IOC to investigate.Korean political banner of Olympic Charter violation

International Olympic Committee (IOC) on July 11, after the game of Korea vs. Japan's third-place match men's soccer, Takeshima, and began an investigation as was raised a message that claimed by the Korean player Park Jong-woo of South Korea announced.
In addition, the request to (KOC) Korea Olympic Committee not to attend the awards ceremony, Park player was absent from the awards ceremony.

国際オリンピック委員会(IOC)は11日、サッカー男子3位決定戦の日本対韓国の試合の後に、韓国の朴鍾佑(Park Jong-woo)選手が竹島の領有を主張するメッセージを掲げたとして調査を始めたと発表しました。

Participate in surveys and awards ceremony expulsion of Korean players were listed the message "territorial" Takeshima, International Olympic Committee. | CUTPLAZA DIARYParticipate in surveys and awards ceremony expulsion of Korean players were listed the message

IOC to investigate.Korean political banner of Olympic Charter violation

IOC is the Olympic Charter forbids political propaganda in the Olympic facilities and venues.
Spokesman for the IOC is "on the matter is (IOC is) should be a political act in the Olympic venue. Knows about. To investigate a case-by-case basis now. (For disposal) contrary to the Olympic Charter . the story said the assumption is "that can not be.