Whale hunting of Prime Minister Putin in Russia

Prime Minister Putin in Russia hunted and the whale hunted.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and green peas are terrorists who did the terrorism to the whale fishing of Japan.
However, it lectures on neither Sea Shepherd Conservation Society nor green peas to Russia.

Because green peas knows that the Japanese doesn't counterattack with the gun with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.
It is moreover because of the hypocrisy group that obtains money because it discriminates the Japanese Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in the purpose of green peas.

If green peas does terrorist activity to Prime Minister Putin with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, the counteroffensive is received from Russian troops.


Putin chases gray whale, shoots darts from crossbow for research

Prime Minister Putin and former Prime Minister Taro Aso in Japan

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Ethan said...
February 8, 2012 at 5:40 AM

Long live Sea Shepherd!!!!