Pirate Sea Shepherd Conservation Society made the Japanese owe the injury.

Anti-whale fishing group Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SS) in the United States in the Antarctic Ocean intermittently repeated the sabotage the scientific research program on minke whales fleet.

シー・シェパード、調査捕鯨船に薬品入り瓶投げ込み乗員が怪我 | CUTPLAZA BLOG
The activity of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to Japan is a terrorism the content of the obstruction of the anti-whale fishing and a violence activity.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is attacking Japan with the medicine rocket.

痛いニュース(ノ∀`):【捕鯨】 シーシェパード、日本船にロケット弾攻撃…船員3人が負傷

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society threw out the bottle with butyric to a Japanese ship.
Butyric is a stink.
Moreover, when the acetic acid hangs to the face, the skin and eyes become painful.
It is a chemical that might cause lose its sight according to the butyric density.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society threw out and the bottle with the medicine threw out to the ship of Japan.
The face of three Japanese crew was injured by the medicine.

Japan should do a strong counteroffensive to pirate's Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Japan should request the terrorist exterminating from the United Nations.

シー・シェパード今度はロケット弾 日本側3人軽症 : J-CASTニュース

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Ruari said...
February 13, 2010 at 9:55 PM

I should request you consulting a fluent English speaker before presenting your inaccurate pro-whaling propaganda online but I guess that isn't going to happen either.