Anti-Japan Chinese student had them take off woman's clothes by force.

Many demonstrations are taking place in China.

Prior to joining the Chinese anti-Japanese protests, let him know the truth.
Make the wrong understanding of history changed the Chinese.

The Chinese Government Stop the invasion.
China's future to continue to invest economic development of the force, even if there is only destruction.

The futon made in China was made of garbage.

The crime case where the futon made in China is made of garbage happened.
Garbage was packed into the futon made in China.
The garbage futon made in China was sold as a product.

Unlawful invasion to the Japanese territorial waters. The Chinese captain is arrested.

An illegal Chinese fishing boat came in contact with the patrol boat of the Japan Coast Guard in Japan in Japanese territorial waters in Okinawa and the vicinity of Senkaku Islands and it escaped.

The patrol boat of the Japan Coast Guard ordered heaving to and pursued an unlawful ship.
The fishing boat of China that had invaded Japanese territorial waters ignored a decree.
The fishing boat of China made them collide and obstructed it.
The captain of a Chinese fishing boat was arrested because of the maritime safety official's duty execution obstruction.

Funeral of Japan

It is manners of the funeral of Japan.

Girl in South Korea where hair in the armpits grows

It is a television program of South Korea.
Hangul is never displayed by the television program of Japan. (Naturally, Japan uses Japanese. )

It is South Korean though the South Korean has been mistaken for the Japanese.

Whale hunting of Prime Minister Putin in Russia

Prime Minister Putin in Russia hunted and the whale hunted.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and green peas are terrorists who did the terrorism to the whale fishing of Japan.
However, it lectures on neither Sea Shepherd Conservation Society nor green peas to Russia.

Pirate Sea Shepherd Conservation Society made the Japanese owe the injury.

Anti-whale fishing group Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SS) in the United States in the Antarctic Ocean intermittently repeated the sabotage the scientific research program on minke whales fleet.