Testament that 18-year-old boy wrote.

Testament of Japanese boy of 18-year-old child soldier who died in the Pacific War.

Testament that 18-year-old boy wrote.

Souhana Nobuo (Miyagi Prefecture)

Day when he died in the arena of warfare.
May 4, 1945

Corps name. The 77th shin-bu corps.

The class is a second lieutenant.

Age 18 years old.

I adore my mother.

How is mother?

Thank you really for a long time.

"Mother who brought me up at six-year-old time.
Mother brought me up as a true son. "

I was completely brought up without the inconvenience.

Mother raised it while loving me.

It was my wonderful mother.

I was very happy.

I was not able to call "Mother" and you after all to the last minute.

What a cold-hearted son I am!

Please forgive me.

Mother might have been lonely.

I will let out a holler only now.

Mama ! Mama ! Mama !

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