Nuclear abolition by 20 years ! Hiroshima peaceful declaration

Nuclear abolition by 20 years … a Hiroshima peaceful declaration: society: YOMIURI ONLINE (the Yomiuri Shimbun)
In Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima City Nakaku, Peace Memorial Ceremony (atomic bomb victim memorial type and peaceful prayer type) was held, and about 50,000 people such as the bereaved family representative, Prime Minister Asou, and the citizens in each administrative divisions attended.

North Korea forces the nuclear test of second on the other hand in May in April this year though U.S. President Obama advocated "World without nuclear weapons". The inside and the Tadatoshi Akiba mayor with whom the expectation for nuclear abolition and uneasiness crossed each other declared support to President Obama by the peace declaration.

Moreover, plaintiff attorneys plan to include the person who loses a suit, too and to accept the governmental plan that relieves all plaintiffs about the atomic bomb disease recognition class action that has become an old problem.

The ceremony started at 8:00AM. Three atomic bomb victim lists of names that added 5639 people that it would die in the inside and this year where "Tune of the memorial" flowed, and the death was confirmed were supplied to the memorial cenotaph.

One (For four)"Nagasaki atomic bomb victim list of names (Hiroshima dedication applicant)" newly made this time was included, the list of names became 96 total, and described those who died became 263,949 people.

The floral tribute of representatives of 59 countries besides former Prime Minister Mahathir in chairperson Miguel [desukoto] of the bereaved family representative, the Prime Minister Aso, and the United Nations General Assembly and Malaysia one after another after this.

Kazuko Nishimura(35) to have been the teacher of the high school in bereaved family representative's Hiroshima City Asaminami Ward and the sixth grader Keisuke Kurushima(11) of Hiroshima City Asakita Ward in the municipal high south elementary school percussed "Peace Bell" at 8:15AM when the atomic bomb was dropped, and all attendances lifted up the silent prayer for one minute.

Mayor Akiba called the world by the peace declaration that it described, "If our generation did not abolish the nuclear weapon, even a minimum responsibility to the next generation was not accomplished", and achieved the abolition of nuclear weapon until 2020. In English at the end「The nuclear weapon can be abolished if it puts ones' efforts together. It is possible to do absolutely. 」It called.

The sixth grader Yuki Tooyama(11) (the 6th grader Tetsuya Yano(12) of child representative's Hiroshima City Age Ward in a municipal Yano elementary school and same city Saeki Ward) in the municipal Itsukaichi south elementary school read out "Oath to peace".
"Abandoning the nuclear weapon has true strength. It doesn't look away 'Dark' (the atomic bomb and the war) for that. We keep watching the truth. We request the world peace from people in the world. "

Hiroshima mayor peace declaration full text.  Atomic bomb commemorative ceremony.
Suffering of the radiation victim who cannot tell all even if what word is used for 64 years after a human race extermination arms and an atomic bomb are dropped on the Hiroshima citizens continues still. The reason for the radiation 64 years ago is that it keeps still gnawing at the body, and the memory 64 years ago reviving yesterday.
Fortunately, the weight of the experience of being a atomic bomb victim is legally supported. A courageous judicial decision that catches the fact to which the influence of the atomic bomb on the human body has not been yet clarified in modesty is the good example. The Japanese national administration prefecture should enhance the covering plan that also includes also by "Black rain rainfall region" and an overseas radiation victim and suits the realities of the aging radiation victim, and lead the world as a standard-bearer of the abolition of nuclear weapon movement until 2020 to remove the wall of the ministry, and to achieve earnest wishes of radiation victims "No one should do such a desire" only now.
President Obama in the United States declared in Prague, there was "Morality responsibility" that made an effort for "Only country that used the nuclear weapon" and "World without nuclear weapons" achievement in April this year. The abolition of the nuclear weapon was not only a radiation victim but also the citizens of the large majority of the world, the voices in countries, and President Obama's having listened to the voice made the location of "A significant nuclear weapon only to abolition" the firm one.
We have the responsibility of acting for the abolition of nuclear weapon in answer to it in support of President Obama. It is called that call us who is the majority in the world "[Obamajoritei;-]" to emphasize this respect, suit power, and achieve the abolition of the nuclear weapon by 2020 the world. The desire has been condensed to Constitution of Japan to which a worldwide evaluation rises more and more.
At the peaceful mayor conference at which the joining city from all parts of the world exceeds 3000, one's best dashes to adopt "Hiroshima Nagasaki protocol" that materializes "2020 visions" at next year's NPT (Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty) review conference. The synopsis after it adopts it assumes the negotiation beginning that aims at the immediate end of all the nuclear weapon acquisition and disposition in the country such as North Korea where the nuclear test was forced, the radiation exposure ground visits of the head in the nuclear power and the doubt country, etc. , and holding at the early stage of U.N. Special Session on Disarmament and the nuclear weapon prohibition agreement conclusions until 2015 and all abolition of nuclear weapons until 2020. In the general meeting of the peace mayor conference that will be held from tomorrow in Nagasaki City, a more detailed plan is settled on.
It is because of not coming to carrying out even a minimum responsibility to the next generation if our generation doesn't abolish the nuclear weapon 2020 year is important because the day when the nuclear weapon is abolished even by oneself with a lot of radiation victims is faced.
People who have a worldwide influence such as the international committees on global 0 and a nuclear nonproliferation and the nuclear disarmament that puts the abolition of nuclear weapon in view and starts the proactive action wish that I would like you to join the circle that aims at 2020 year, too.
The intentions of The Citizen of the World of the large majority of the prohibition of the antipersonnel land mine, liberating from poverty by Grameen Bank, and the prevention of Global warming, etc. are esteemed and the democracy of global that straightens out that problem by citizens' power is germinating exactly now. It is necessary to create the mechanism that these citizens' voices are carried directly to the United Nations to extend the bud, and to solve a bigger problem. For instance, it is one idea to found the House of Representatives of the United Nations that consists of 100, populous city 100, and 200 cities in total in the city where a big tragedy to fight has been experienced up to now, and to make the present United Nations General Assembly the Senate.
We hit Peace Memorial Ceremony on the 64th radiation exposure anniversary, and swear here sincerely dedicating the sincerity of the sorrow to atomic bomb victim's spirit of the dead, and straining the power of the whole body with the citizens and countries of the majority in Nagasaki City and the world for the world achievement without the nuclear weapon.
Finally, it calls the world in English.
We have the power.We have the responsibility.And we are the Obamajority.Together,we can abolish nuclear weapons.Yes,we can.

Hiroshima mayor Tadatoshi Akiba on August 6, 2009 (2009)

The war just increases sadness and suffering.

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