Italy must improve the public peace before inviting the Japanese.

The Italian learns Japanese moderation. It is Italian TV due to unjustified large amount of money claim damage. - 47NEWS
Two Japanese tourists who had encountered the trouble to which the unholy price was claimed in a famous restaurant in Rome told on the 31st, "It is necessary to learn the moderation that the Japanese had shown" the government-run and Italy broadcasting about the problem of declining a free invitation to this country by the Italian government presented as an apology.

It praised and it tore up this broadcasting , saying that "Two people should be assumed to be an example" etc., having said "After having received the invitation with pleasure, even the friend might have taken it to Italy together (Free of charge) if they were other people".

Two people were man (35) who lived in the Ibaraki Prefecture Tsukuba city, the lover, a charge near by 700 Euro (about 95,000 yen) was claimed by the lunch of a famous restaurant in June, and it alerted police after payment. The man declined it as "The tax of the Italian people will be used" though the bran flyer Tourism Minister in this country offered a free invitation to Italy after it apologized to two people.

No, I think that I do not want to go to Italy any longer.

"Only feelings are gotten though the apology and the invitation are welcome" is a peculiar way to the Japanese "It is already unpleasant" to refuse.

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