Thief national South Korea steals Japanese territory and the product.


South Korea tries to occupy Japanese territory unlawfully, and to change the name in the Sea of Japan.


Take-shima was Japanese territory for a long time.
South Korea is unlawfully occupying the island in Japan by military forces.
And, South Korea is calling the island in Japan by a different name.
South Korea occupies the island in Japan and is telling a lie as the island in South Korea.

Takeshima is an island in Japan and Japanese territory.

South Korea published an ad to the newspaper of United States The New York Times , saying that "The mark of the Sea of Japan is mistaken".
This is a terrorism that tries to change the name of Sea of Japan that Japan and a peripheral country were calling for a long time.


South Korea is a dangerous nation that tells a lie that it is a cradle of South Korea as for the culture of another country.


There are a lot of things who are South Koreans who pretended the Japanese as for many of overseas sushi shops though the thing that sushi shop in Japan was able also to eat in foreign countries seems to have increased.
The sushi that the South Korean makes is insanitary, and sells the thing at the level that cannot be called from the technology of the sushi that the Japanese makes with the sushi as a sushi in foreign countries.

Food and the vegetable in Japan also steal the recipe, the seed, and the seedling in South Korea.
It is sold to tell a lie like manufacturing, growing the stolen made-in-Japan product in South Korea, and making it in Japan.
In South Korea, the thief is a lot of countries that are.
This steals not only the article but also the culture and the territory.



Please overseas people must take care about the South Korean with South Korea.

They tell a lie when a bad thing is done, "I am Japanese".
The thing that such a cruel race is in the next country is very troubled for the Japanese with Japan.

If neither the South Korean nor the product of South Korea are warned with South Korea, it is dangerous.