Testament that 18-year-old boy wrote.

Testament of Japanese boy of 18-year-old child soldier who died in the Pacific War.

Testament that 18-year-old boy wrote.

Souhana Nobuo (Miyagi Prefecture)

Day when he died in the arena of warfare.
May 4, 1945

Corps name. The 77th shin-bu corps.

The class is a second lieutenant.

Age 18 years old.

I adore my mother.

How is mother?

Thank you really for a long time.

"Mother who brought me up at six-year-old time.
Mother brought me up as a true son. "

I was completely brought up without the inconvenience.

Mother raised it while loving me.

It was my wonderful mother.

I was very happy.

I was not able to call "Mother" and you after all to the last minute.

What a cold-hearted son I am!

Please forgive me.

Mother might have been lonely.

I will let out a holler only now.

Mama ! Mama ! Mama !

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Japan police are embarrassed with minimum and sexy suit.

The police in Japan are embarrassed with minimum and sexy suit.

The police in Japan "It is not possible to arrest it because it puts on a swimsuit. "

【2ch】New SOKU quality:“The police have been perplexed to a minimum, sexy bathing suit near the stark-naked. "The bathing suit cannot be called a crime because it wears it. "

Japan police are embarrassed with minimum and sexy suit.

It seems not to be able to manage it though the thing that the person who likes exposure is on the beach in a lot of daytime of other people that is becomes a problem.
It seems not to be able to arrest it though it becomes a crime if the bathing suit is too small and the one not seen is seen because it doesn't see it in the very limit.

110 cool wallpapers with good sense.

It is a wallpaper with a good sense that the Japanese recommends on the bulletin board of Japan. By the way, the number of wallpapers is 110.

【110 pieces】Please give the wallpaper of a cool & good sense to me. Kana-Soku
110 cool wallpapers with good sense.

110 cool wallpapers with good sense.

110 cool wallpapers with good sense.

110 cool wallpapers with good sense.

110 cool wallpapers with good sense.

Japan is still summer.
Therefore, there seem to be a lot of cool things of the wallpaper introduced this time.

When the elevator girl is little girl?

Little girl's elevator girl guides her customer at the department store in Japan.


When the elevator girl is a girl: The alfalfa mosaic
Experience in girl's summer … Department store"Customer usher" : Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (the Yomiuri NewsPaper)

Event that this shop planned even if children's memories during summer vacation are made.

Nine-year-old from 5 six girls experienced "Customer usher" in Meitetsu Department Store (Nagoya City Nakamura Ward) on the fourth.

One man budded in the delusion in the bulletin board of Japan.

「Because the girl's extension is low, the button of the elevator cannot be pushed. I hold the girl and it is pushed. 」

Harmony is seen when imagining it.

Japanese Waste of the talent.

The Japanese has the people who sometimes do "Waste of the talent".

This is a fan to which it writhes.

The inquiring mind sometimes drives recklessly though it is Japan that invented the animated cartoon and the Otaku culture.

The Japanese who draws a sexual excitement in the picture appears in the bulletin board of Japan and the topic in home appliance the other day.

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Nuclear abolition by 20 years ! Hiroshima peaceful declaration

Nuclear abolition by 20 years … a Hiroshima peaceful declaration: society: YOMIURI ONLINE (the Yomiuri Shimbun)
In Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima City Nakaku, Peace Memorial Ceremony (atomic bomb victim memorial type and peaceful prayer type) was held, and about 50,000 people such as the bereaved family representative, Prime Minister Asou, and the citizens in each administrative divisions attended.

North Korea forces the nuclear test of second on the other hand in May in April this year though U.S. President Obama advocated "World without nuclear weapons". The inside and the Tadatoshi Akiba mayor with whom the expectation for nuclear abolition and uneasiness crossed each other declared support to President Obama by the peace declaration.

Moreover, plaintiff attorneys plan to include the person who loses a suit, too and to accept the governmental plan that relieves all plaintiffs about the atomic bomb disease recognition class action that has become an old problem.

The ceremony started at 8:00AM. Three atomic bomb victim lists of names that added 5639 people that it would die in the inside and this year where "Tune of the memorial" flowed, and the death was confirmed were supplied to the memorial cenotaph.

One (For four)"Nagasaki atomic bomb victim list of names (Hiroshima dedication applicant)" newly made this time was included, the list of names became 96 total, and described those who died became 263,949 people.

The floral tribute of representatives of 59 countries besides former Prime Minister Mahathir in chairperson Miguel [desukoto] of the bereaved family representative, the Prime Minister Aso, and the United Nations General Assembly and Malaysia one after another after this.

Kazuko Nishimura(35) to have been the teacher of the high school in bereaved family representative's Hiroshima City Asaminami Ward and the sixth grader Keisuke Kurushima(11) of Hiroshima City Asakita Ward in the municipal high south elementary school percussed "Peace Bell" at 8:15AM when the atomic bomb was dropped, and all attendances lifted up the silent prayer for one minute.

Mayor Akiba called the world by the peace declaration that it described, "If our generation did not abolish the nuclear weapon, even a minimum responsibility to the next generation was not accomplished", and achieved the abolition of nuclear weapon until 2020. In English at the end「The nuclear weapon can be abolished if it puts ones' efforts together. It is possible to do absolutely. 」It called.

The sixth grader Yuki Tooyama(11) (the 6th grader Tetsuya Yano(12) of child representative's Hiroshima City Age Ward in a municipal Yano elementary school and same city Saeki Ward) in the municipal Itsukaichi south elementary school read out "Oath to peace".
"Abandoning the nuclear weapon has true strength. It doesn't look away 'Dark' (the atomic bomb and the war) for that. We keep watching the truth. We request the world peace from people in the world. "

Hiroshima mayor peace declaration full text.  Atomic bomb commemorative ceremony.
Suffering of the radiation victim who cannot tell all even if what word is used for 64 years after a human race extermination arms and an atomic bomb are dropped on the Hiroshima citizens continues still. The reason for the radiation 64 years ago is that it keeps still gnawing at the body, and the memory 64 years ago reviving yesterday.
Fortunately, the weight of the experience of being a atomic bomb victim is legally supported. A courageous judicial decision that catches the fact to which the influence of the atomic bomb on the human body has not been yet clarified in modesty is the good example. The Japanese national administration prefecture should enhance the covering plan that also includes also by "Black rain rainfall region" and an overseas radiation victim and suits the realities of the aging radiation victim, and lead the world as a standard-bearer of the abolition of nuclear weapon movement until 2020 to remove the wall of the ministry, and to achieve earnest wishes of radiation victims "No one should do such a desire" only now.
President Obama in the United States declared in Prague, there was "Morality responsibility" that made an effort for "Only country that used the nuclear weapon" and "World without nuclear weapons" achievement in April this year. The abolition of the nuclear weapon was not only a radiation victim but also the citizens of the large majority of the world, the voices in countries, and President Obama's having listened to the voice made the location of "A significant nuclear weapon only to abolition" the firm one.
We have the responsibility of acting for the abolition of nuclear weapon in answer to it in support of President Obama. It is called that call us who is the majority in the world "[Obamajoritei;-]" to emphasize this respect, suit power, and achieve the abolition of the nuclear weapon by 2020 the world. The desire has been condensed to Constitution of Japan to which a worldwide evaluation rises more and more.
At the peaceful mayor conference at which the joining city from all parts of the world exceeds 3000, one's best dashes to adopt "Hiroshima Nagasaki protocol" that materializes "2020 visions" at next year's NPT (Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty) review conference. The synopsis after it adopts it assumes the negotiation beginning that aims at the immediate end of all the nuclear weapon acquisition and disposition in the country such as North Korea where the nuclear test was forced, the radiation exposure ground visits of the head in the nuclear power and the doubt country, etc. , and holding at the early stage of U.N. Special Session on Disarmament and the nuclear weapon prohibition agreement conclusions until 2015 and all abolition of nuclear weapons until 2020. In the general meeting of the peace mayor conference that will be held from tomorrow in Nagasaki City, a more detailed plan is settled on.
It is because of not coming to carrying out even a minimum responsibility to the next generation if our generation doesn't abolish the nuclear weapon 2020 year is important because the day when the nuclear weapon is abolished even by oneself with a lot of radiation victims is faced.
People who have a worldwide influence such as the international committees on global 0 and a nuclear nonproliferation and the nuclear disarmament that puts the abolition of nuclear weapon in view and starts the proactive action wish that I would like you to join the circle that aims at 2020 year, too.
The intentions of The Citizen of the World of the large majority of the prohibition of the antipersonnel land mine, liberating from poverty by Grameen Bank, and the prevention of Global warming, etc. are esteemed and the democracy of global that straightens out that problem by citizens' power is germinating exactly now. It is necessary to create the mechanism that these citizens' voices are carried directly to the United Nations to extend the bud, and to solve a bigger problem. For instance, it is one idea to found the House of Representatives of the United Nations that consists of 100, populous city 100, and 200 cities in total in the city where a big tragedy to fight has been experienced up to now, and to make the present United Nations General Assembly the Senate.
We hit Peace Memorial Ceremony on the 64th radiation exposure anniversary, and swear here sincerely dedicating the sincerity of the sorrow to atomic bomb victim's spirit of the dead, and straining the power of the whole body with the citizens and countries of the majority in Nagasaki City and the world for the world achievement without the nuclear weapon.
Finally, it calls the world in English.
We have the power.We have the responsibility.And we are the Obamajority.Together,we can abolish nuclear weapons.Yes,we can.

Hiroshima mayor Tadatoshi Akiba on August 6, 2009 (2009)

The war just increases sadness and suffering.

Italy must improve the public peace before inviting the Japanese.

The Italian learns Japanese moderation. It is Italian TV due to unjustified large amount of money claim damage. - 47NEWS
Two Japanese tourists who had encountered the trouble to which the unholy price was claimed in a famous restaurant in Rome told on the 31st, "It is necessary to learn the moderation that the Japanese had shown" the government-run and Italy broadcasting about the problem of declining a free invitation to this country by the Italian government presented as an apology.

It praised and it tore up this broadcasting , saying that "Two people should be assumed to be an example" etc., having said "After having received the invitation with pleasure, even the friend might have taken it to Italy together (Free of charge) if they were other people".

Two people were man (35) who lived in the Ibaraki Prefecture Tsukuba city, the lover, a charge near by 700 Euro (about 95,000 yen) was claimed by the lunch of a famous restaurant in June, and it alerted police after payment. The man declined it as "The tax of the Italian people will be used" though the bran flyer Tourism Minister in this country offered a free invitation to Italy after it apologized to two people.

No, I think that I do not want to go to Italy any longer.

"Only feelings are gotten though the apology and the invitation are welcome" is a peculiar way to the Japanese "It is already unpleasant" to refuse.

The Beast wins the championship by Street fighter IV final of Evo 2009

The Beast [Umehara] wins the championship by Street fighter IV final of Evo 2009. - Game*Spark
“The Beast" [Umehara] wins the championship by 'Street fighter IV' final of Evo 2009.

The “The Beast" [umehara] player in Japan seemed to defeat champion Justin Wong player in the United States who was the longtime rival in street fighter IV finals of Evo 2009(Evolution Championship Series) had been held by Las Vegas since July 19 and to have won the championship.

The surprise attack doesn't pass to Mr. Umehara who manipulates Liu and the first game is defeated without dressing though the Justin Wong player who challenged by the consolation tries not to use [ru-fasu] that was an original, main character, to select Abel, and to outthink it. Afterwards, Mr. Umehara who was wonderful finally movement controls a long fight and it wins though it succeeds in overwhelming Liu when the character is changed to the bison and removing single-unit.

Mr. Umehara who shone to champion's seat following rally of San Francisco held in April.
The strong opponent seems not to come out from him the world yet in the stage either.

Umehara Daigo VS Justin Wong Street fighter IV final of Evo 2009 Part 4 Final Battle-movie-CUTPLAZA

Umehara Daigo Vs Justin Wong Evo 2009 Grand Finals Part 1

Umehara Daigo Vs Justin Wong Evo 2009 Grand Finals Part 2

Umehara Daigo Vs Justin Wong Evo 2009 Grand Finals Part 3

Umehara Daigo Vs Justin Wong Evo 2009 Grand Finals Part 4 Final Battle

UME - Syouryu !

Crazy Australian's TV station made the Japanese eat Japanese's human flesh.

Crazy Australian's TV station used that the Japanese was not able to talk about English and it ate human flesh.
It seems to have eaten panda and koala bear's meats.

Taking in the person and holding in derision might be popular though it seems to be actually an imitation in Australia.

However, they, Australians', insult acts reflect only in a too crazy person.

By the way, notify the police because they are killing the person if it ate human flesh.

The whale might be an insistence of no goodness to eating the cow and the sheep.

However, the talk might be quite different from eating person's meat.

By the way, notify the police because they are killing the person if it ate human flesh.

The Australian eats the cow and the sheep.
As for eating the whale, the insistence of no goodness is wrong yet.

However, the talk might be quite different from eating person's meat.

The Australian whom the kangaroo, the koala bear, and the crocodilian also eat thinks and the whale thinks that there is separately a background in which no goodness is said.

They surely have discrimination feelings by the Japanese.
Of course, it is known well that there is a similar discrimination act for the Asian of another country.

It is necessary to complain to Norway, Russia, and the United States if there is a complaint.

The Australian is appealing when I am foolish for myself.

Pitiful Australian.

Thief national South Korea steals Japanese territory and the product.


South Korea tries to occupy Japanese territory unlawfully, and to change the name in the Sea of Japan.


Take-shima was Japanese territory for a long time.
South Korea is unlawfully occupying the island in Japan by military forces.
And, South Korea is calling the island in Japan by a different name.
South Korea occupies the island in Japan and is telling a lie as the island in South Korea.

Takeshima is an island in Japan and Japanese territory.

South Korea published an ad to the newspaper of United States The New York Times , saying that "The mark of the Sea of Japan is mistaken".
This is a terrorism that tries to change the name of Sea of Japan that Japan and a peripheral country were calling for a long time.


South Korea is a dangerous nation that tells a lie that it is a cradle of South Korea as for the culture of another country.


There are a lot of things who are South Koreans who pretended the Japanese as for many of overseas sushi shops though the thing that sushi shop in Japan was able also to eat in foreign countries seems to have increased.
The sushi that the South Korean makes is insanitary, and sells the thing at the level that cannot be called from the technology of the sushi that the Japanese makes with the sushi as a sushi in foreign countries.

Food and the vegetable in Japan also steal the recipe, the seed, and the seedling in South Korea.
It is sold to tell a lie like manufacturing, growing the stolen made-in-Japan product in South Korea, and making it in Japan.
In South Korea, the thief is a lot of countries that are.
This steals not only the article but also the culture and the territory.



Please overseas people must take care about the South Korean with South Korea.

They tell a lie when a bad thing is done, "I am Japanese".
The thing that such a cruel race is in the next country is very troubled for the Japanese with Japan.

If neither the South Korean nor the product of South Korea are warned with South Korea, it is dangerous.

Foreigner reporter who insults Japanese who eats ramen.

When it eats noodles, the Japanese slurps.
It is bad for the foreigner of propriety. However, the way of the Japanese to eat is usual.

Tom Green with Noodles

It is shame that laughs at the culture of another country because it holds it in derision.

However, it cannot be helped because Tom Green (foolishness and weak-headed).

Hyundai is a Korean car.

Hyundai is a Korean car.
It is not a Japanese car at all.

Hyundai is cheating the South Korean with a Japanese car at the
Hyundai is broadcasting the advertisement to sell it by the swindle.

Hyundai Super Bowl XLIII Ad "Angry Bosses" Jeff Bridge in-game spot Exclusive

The reason that Hyundai of the South Korea car is done the swindle and sold is
that it doesn't sell in the South Korea car.
The quality, the evaluation, and safety are low in the South Korea car.

Neither German (BMW) nor HONDA (Japanese) are interested in Hyundai.

And, how with a bad head like South Korean's "Hwabyeong" to get angry is not done.

火病 - Wikipedia
Hwabyeong - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It says again.

Hyundai is a South Korea car.

Toyota, HONDA, Nissan Motor, and the sea bass are Japanese cars.

お笑い韓国車 KOREANCAR 字幕版 前半
In the first half of comedy South Korea car KOREAN CAR title version

お笑い韓国車 KOREANCAR 字幕版 後半
In the first half of comedy South Korea car KOREAN CAR title version

Hyundai of the South Korea car is not HONDA of a Japanese car.

South Korea has been selling it telling a lie as a Japanese product
since before.
Not only the South Korea car, and the South Korea consumer electronic
adheres and sells the lie made in Japan.

Japan kept having South Korea stolen the technology.
And, the enterprise in South Korea takes off without permission like a
Japanese product, cheats, and is selling it.

South Korea steals the technology of Japan as the South Korean is similar to the
theft of Japanese territory, the sea area, and the culture.

Please think, "It is an inferior South Korea product" when you see Hyundai and the
South Korea product named Samsung in foreign countries.

Please note the imitation product that takes off a Japanese product.