Japan's Tsukiji market An ill-mannered foreigner.

The person who works at Tsukiji Shijo is troubled though the visit of "Se-Ri Ba" of Tsukiji Shijo seems to be popular among the foreign tourist who visits Japan by the foreign tourist that manners are bad in that.

*Tsukiji Shijo = Tuna Market
*Se-Ri Ba = Competing place

Originally, a general person cannot enter "Se-Ri Ba" of Tsukiji Shijo in Japan, and the sushi workman is off-limits in "Se-Ri Ba".
Information on wrong Tsukiji Shijo is being written to the foreign tourist in the guide book of the sightseeing of Japan sold in the foreign country.
Therefore, the foreign tourist enters "Se-Ri Ba" of Tsukiji Shijo without permission.

Still, the staff in Tsukiji Shijo decided space that was able to visit it by the foreign tourist to know the culture of Japan and had opened it to the public limitedly.
However, the staff in Tsukiji Shijo was worried because the trouble had occurred as the foreign tourist touched "Fish of the commodity" by a dirty hand.

There seem to be a lot of foreign tourists who got drunk because Ginza is near,

The place visited for the foreign tourist who entered without permission was made in Se-Ri Ba, and seeing was admitted reluctantly.
The act from which the work of Se-Ri Ba was disturbed happened frequently by the foreign tourist.

Because the foreign tourist did not defend manners, the entrance of Se-Ri Ba of
Tsukiji Shijo was temporarily prohibited.
It is because it is busy time in December.

It says many times.
In general, Se-Ri Ba of Tsukiji Shijo has not been opened to the public.
Moreover, the commodity handled in Tsukiji Shijo is a fresh fish, and these are
cleanly handled.

The foreign tourist must keep such a thing in mind.
The foreign tourist must not trouble the Japanese Tsukiji Shijo.

■Japan's Tsukiji market An ill-mannered foreigner.

■Japans fish market Tsukiji located in Tokyo bans tourist

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