【Beijing Olympic】U.S. traveler killed by the Chinese.

The American traveler was killed by the one Chinese at the Olympic Games in Beijing under surveillance.

The Chinese man killed the U.S. traveler in Beijing of the Olympic.
According to Xinhua News Agency, the man of the Chinese with a weapon attacked three persons (an American traveler and others) one after another at the nine days of noon (Japan Standard Time said 1:00) time, and one American man died in the shopping quarter in Beijing, and also two women got injured.

The man committed suicide. It was covered with the warning system severe only by the Olympic Games having opened on the 8th in Beijing.

The voice which worries about a security situation is likely to go up by the incident by which a foreigner is murdered having occurred.

American tourists were attacked and killed Chinese man.-Video-CUTPLAZA

I said before that China was dangerous.

Poison was sometimes contained in the Chinese Chinese meat dumpling exported to Japan.

Although China denied, there was damage in which the person who ate the Chinese meat dumpling made also from China one month ago at the factory in the China ate the Chinese meat dumpling containing poison.

It must be cautious also of food in China.

Be careful also of a pickpocket in China.

In China, a burglar and fraud are many countries. In China, Brando, a charlatan, is also many countries.

Chinese people are calm and tell a lie.

When China loses at a game, a possibility that a riot will occur is high.

The tourist of the same country as the team of a partner country needs to escape to a safe place immediately.

Must be very quick.

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