Beijing Olympic venues inside and outside.

Olympic venues in Beijing is very beautiful, colorful and beautiful.

However, one wall at a distance and there is the poor out of poverty-stricken people live in the area.

Beijing Olympic venues inside and outside.

Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks) is Japanese territory. Dokdo does not exist.

Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks) is Japanese territory. Dokdo does not exist.

Japan's Foreign Ministry: Takeshima issue
Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks) is Japanese territory. Dokdo does not exist.

Takeshima is at latitude 37 degrees 15 minutes east longitude 131 degrees 52 minutes of the Sea of Japan islands.

Korea is the wrong perception of history lies on its own.
South Korea is to violate the territory of other countries, Japan's argument that the country continues to ignore.

Japanese are persuaded to talk calmly, without recourse Koreans are talking like a spoiled brat like to be in talks.

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"The Tok-do possesses Korea" a full-page advertisement by the issue of Takeshima to Australia influential paper: International: YOMIURI ONLINE(The Yomiuri Shimbun)
The full-page advertisement which insisted that Takeshima was Korea territory was carried by Australia influential paper "Australian" dated 14th.
 The advertisement adds Korea flag to the position of Takeshima with monochrome and carries "Tok-do and the map which I mentioned" (Korea name). For "the past 2000 years, the area of the sea between Japan and Korea was called Tokai". It was Korea territory, and the Tok-do which floated in Tokai was explained in an English sentence when the Japanese Government recognized this fact.
 According to the paper about 15,000 advertisement expense the Australian dollar (about 1,420,000 yen). The advertiser assumes that a South "Korean citizen of Australia cooperated with an advertisement" as for the person concerned in "four the NeXT generation dot-com".

【Beijing Olympic】U.S. traveler killed by the Chinese.

The American traveler was killed by the one Chinese at the Olympic Games in Beijing under surveillance.

The Chinese man killed the U.S. traveler in Beijing of the Olympic.
According to Xinhua News Agency, the man of the Chinese with a weapon attacked three persons (an American traveler and others) one after another at the nine days of noon (Japan Standard Time said 1:00) time, and one American man died in the shopping quarter in Beijing, and also two women got injured.

The man committed suicide. It was covered with the warning system severe only by the Olympic Games having opened on the 8th in Beijing.

The voice which worries about a security situation is likely to go up by the incident by which a foreigner is murdered having occurred.

American tourists were attacked and killed Chinese man.-Video-CUTPLAZA

I said before that China was dangerous.

Poison was sometimes contained in the Chinese Chinese meat dumpling exported to Japan.

Although China denied, there was damage in which the person who ate the Chinese meat dumpling made also from China one month ago at the factory in the China ate the Chinese meat dumpling containing poison.

It must be cautious also of food in China.

Be careful also of a pickpocket in China.

In China, a burglar and fraud are many countries. In China, Brando, a charlatan, is also many countries.

Chinese people are calm and tell a lie.

When China loses at a game, a possibility that a riot will occur is high.

The tourist of the same country as the team of a partner country needs to escape to a safe place immediately.

Must be very quick.