Mystery China's-Virus knocks Japan's Olympic athletes Kinukawa off track

Mystery virus knocks Kinukawa off track : Sports : DAILY YOMIURI ONLINE (The Daily Yomiuri)
Promising teen distance runner Megumi Kinukawa has not fully recovered from a mysterious virus, believed to have been contracted while training in China, all but ending her hopes of making the Beijing Olympics, it was learned Thursday.

Mystery virus knocks Kinukawa off track

Kinukawa, 19, who ran the 10,000 meters at last summer's IAAF world championships in Osaka, will almost certainly skip this month's Japan championships, which is serving as a qualifying meet for Beijing.
According to her coach, Kinukawa suffered stress fractures to both sides of her pelvis from December 2007 to February this year, then complained of pain in her left knee.

Mystery virus knocks Kinukawa off track

As normal treatments did not work and the pain changed location, special radioisotope and blood tests were conducted in April. The special blood test detected an infectious virus in Kinukawa's system.
As there were no known cases of the virus in Japan, which deforms the red and white blood cells, there is strong belief that Kikukawa contracted it during high altitude training in Kunming, China, in March 2007.

China's bird flu and human flu and many other countries where the disease occurs.
Severe air pollution in China.

Marathon field athletics as a sport and outdoor air pollution, and has a poor track and field in China, it is not dangerous?

China's food and health and sanitation conditions are poor.
However, players of the body, even when China is something to refuse to take responsibility.
Emergencies from happening is too late.

If Transfers decline the Peking - Olympics at this time.

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