Japan than the U.S. change it.

Japan to "release the imported rice case," U.S.
Japan to "release the imported rice case," U.S.
19, the U.S. newspaper The Washington Post in an editorial that the international rice prices are rising while the United States and Japan to pressure to keep imports of rice, feed, is diverted to the "mad "Criticism and to address the food crisis, the international rice markets such as Japan demanded the release.
The paper said the Japanese are to protect their domestic producers, in addition to imports of Japanese-grown rice stockpiles and storage costs are distressed by the head, he said.
Meanwhile, the largest importer of rice in the Philippines are mired in the plight of the "Japanese people are if you want to eat, the more people try to do is up" and should be discussed in the international market and should be released The plaintiffs.

U.S. rice in the Japanese did not eat bad.
That's why America is the U.S. that had exactly zero.
And the old rice have not been unable to.

Marie Antoinette is rotten food gave people like to recommend post-treatment companies can not agree with the idea.

Japan's rice culture has traditionally been considerable, but Western people do not understand where you might think the taste will also be a variety of different seasons.

Japan also suffered from typhoon damage each year.
At the same time the current global food shortage problem.

America knows?

U.S. war in Iraq caused by the impact of soaring oil and fuel oil to replace the original in order to make food crops that were being used to it.

Food and fuel into the cause of food shortages by creating a Japan that the U.S. accusations it is not.

Crops from abroad depends on imports from Japan is the culture and the current situation to take appropriate measures.

That's part of a food shortage not only focused on the policy itself and the United States without paying compensation and Japan's attack is very bad idea.

First, to change one's personal belongings from the road.
It's a criticism of other countries it.

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