China invaded Tibet in the Olympic Games that should not.

China invaded Tibet in the Olympic Games that should not.

China has been an independent state since ancient Tibet was invaded and overrun by the military still in control.

And, ignoring the human rights of ethnic and remodeling activity or looted repeatedly.

Tibetan and concealing them continue to ignore the views of China, peace of the Olympic festival to be held from the start and had no qualifications.

China's Tibetan pilgrim forces fatally shoot footage at random (non-Gros / subtitled Japanese) -Video-CUTPLAZA

China is now the economic development that look as if they are poor and people of Tibet as an independent state and plunder obtained material.

Glamorous aspect of the Olympics is a bloody tragedy and conceal material damage is only now is not the identity of the Beijing Olympics.

"Western countries in China and Tibet are reported to the wrong acts," said the woman.

However, China's domestic media coverage of the report by the Chinese government to regulate the truth hidden.

Also, China to get more information from abroad who could be limited.

In other words, the invasion of Tibet by Chinese do not know anything about the most.

The Beijing Olympics are still held as a protest of the Tibetan fit in the audience and players in other countries also harm it is better from now visible.

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