Sea Shepherd and environmental groups say is hurting whales to sea pollution.

Japan's whaling protest ship from the Sea Shepherd ship goods thrown into play in the Japanese attacked and injured three people.
The agency went into contact, according to research whaling "round Nissin
Corporation" is three days around 7:10, the United States and environmental
groups in the Antarctic Ocean "Sea Shepherd" protest ship drugs from bottles and
white powder bag thrown in a total of more than 100, the Coast Guard officer and
two crew members of a total of three people in the eyes chemicals splattered
slightly injured.

I was in the medicine bottle "acid" and believed the three men saw the
pain is called, is a symptom of irrigation gone away. But after a while TADARERU
is possible to the affected area.

Nissin Corporation is a full six ships in whale research fleet's mother
ship on the attack from protest ships about 1 hour Nissin Corporation is the
only round held. Nissin Corporation is a circle about 150 people aboard, Japan
in mid-November last year to leave to return home until mid-April, and the minke
whale NAGASUKUJIRA continue investigation.

Butyric acid in dairy products is experiencing a rotten stinking like a
white powder on the deck to get wet and HEBARITSUITA like glue. Pelagic
Fisheries Agency Division, "to capture the whale and corrupt smell of glue-like
object and injuring intention is clear. Environmental groups to bid for them and
play to throw it back to sea pollution," he said .

Butyric acid, a powerful drug raid pirate "Sea Shepherd," I think it should be destroyers.

Japan has reduced the whale that whaling is not.

Increasing too much on the type of whale and whaling only slightly.

Cattle and pigs eating culture as the culture of eating whale.

Overseas people of his own country and culture has been denied, the ship hit when they do get angry.

Japan's Coast Guard is "Sea Shepherd" and the accident investigation on suspicion of forcible obstruction of business plans.
Sea Shepherd, also in February last year in the Antarctic sea-round Nissin Corporation投げ入れたmedicine bottles to charges of obstructing business by force, the JCG is investigating along with the Metropolitan Police and Public Safety Department, in cooperation with the investigation of the incident expected.

JCG executed prisoners are a particular rush to the ship's registry to protest the Netherlands and the United States, Australia and other countries concerned to offer assistance in the investigation also considered.

The whaling ships for the Coast Guard safety officer in the first case of trespassing, throw in a bottle of protest from the ship was at sea were taken to the sheriff, and to analyze the images to identify suspects the sources said.

Three minor injuries inflicted threw his bottle of determining who is a substantial difficulty, to build a case of forcible obstruction of business is a big challenge, including clarification of systematic instruction. Even identify a suspect, depending on the nationality extradition is difficult.

JCG winter Tetsuzou Shiba hands to Construction and Transport Minister, at a press conference after the cabinet meeting "was legal and scientific whaling, and such efforts can not forgive," he said.

Sea Shepherd sea pirates environmental terrorism.-Video-CUTPLAZA

Hiding poison case filled with Chinese gyoza.

Beijing Olympic verge refrain from China, Japan, Chinese gyoza OKITA tampering desperate to cover up the incident.

However, the following points in the Chinese meat dumplings to put poison in Japan is impossible.

1. Incorporation of the poison had been strong for toxic pesticides are used in Japan and ownership is not allowed. China several years ago discontinued use of pesticides, but China is still behind the deal and is being used.

2. Sealed containers are being incorporation from the outside is impossible. Yet China is a unique experiment by infiltration from the outside also possible answers. However, the disclosure of scientific data is not disclosed.

3. Japan's manipulation of information is not immediately available and it was announced in China, while China is Japan's various police investigation and submit a report. Nevertheless, China's permission to remain out of a police investigation and no disadvantage to China not to disclose information.

4. China is Japan's incorporation of the media's coverage of it lies in the interest of Chinese people and tuning due to the coverage that is not correct. Also, Chinese people in China's domestic limited information to believe that Japan-bashing continues.

5. Chinese poison-laced meat dumplings, "Ocean food heaven" being manufactured in the company's research and the Chinese answers to the media, and police officials in Japan and the Japanese media has refused to answer or less and reverse them angry.

What may be China's sole credit is fortunate that the Japanese think that silence is a little too insects. China is the correct judgement and sincere cooperation with Japan should be answered.

Apologize for the mistake and is rewarded by it.

During the war at every stop Japan's apology to China is both a matter of apology.

Chinese gyoza tampering to cover up the incident in China.
Chinese government for the time being frozen dumpling poisoning incident is the responsibility of the Chinese side is not sticking to a policy of claim also said. If China is "suspect" to diagnose as the early acceptance of responsibility is lost. This is a case of food is suggested that the possibility of terrorism, ahead of the Beijing Olympics, fired off potential international concern.

28 press conference that China's Public Security Ministry official, METAMIDOHOSU incorporation has been in China is very low possibility. This is the National Quality Supervision and Quarantine of China Directorate General of the May 13 press conference, Hebei莊市stone house in the transport process manufacturing laced denied the possibility of a reinforced.

Quarantine at the Directorate General of the conference, authorities said the investigation was ongoing, China, Japan proposed a joint investigation. Japan and the field is a prerequisite for incorporation in the "near China," Japan's pickoff (KENSEI) went out and the truth "in the bush" to UKAGAETA direction.

China's food safety, but overseas as well as a serious problem in China. But the problem is that the Chinese side is "artificial" and the usual food contamination incident of a different nature and is allowed. The reason is if China and the Chinese food has increased the risk of the international credit involved.

Dumpling factory production problems in the community in the finest blue-chip state-owned enterprises. China, the local government has defended the local economic activities, the central government has also intervened often cautious. China's investigation is "routine early conclusion" of NUGUENAI impression.

According to official sources, the Chinese government in the "theory of Japan" is not material evidence from the situation and there have criticized the other hand, the Japanese "influences get tired," pointed out, there is no need to jump to conclusions The opinion also said. Already tabloid show interest in the Aegis accidents and moved to the Ross case, and.

Diplomats of President Hu Jintao's state visit to Japan before the end had to predict, the Chinese side is "ongoing investigation" concluded that at least as likely to carry over after the Olympics. China's media is already "Japan incorporation theory" embossed on the Internet, an overwhelming majority of the board is taking the Japanese theory.

If the Chinese government is "suspect" to be seized, it was "public opinion" to overturn the announcement has been extremely difficult.

Nakahara Mai officer and Kana Ueda of Japan's national self-defense is a woman?

Kana Ueda Nakahara Mai is a woman and as a representative from Japan's Self-Defense Forces being introduced.

■ Mai Nakahara and Kana Ueda.
Defending Your Country Is Not An Easy Job |

However, the two are the Japanese cartoon voice actors.

That is the cosplay photo is being introduced.

Mai (PV) - HiME - Shisano Megumi intersection - song:feather dance gown (Mai Nakahara) - Video -CUTPLAZA

Kana Ueda and again - Video -CUTPLAZA