The public toilet which 2,000 people can use for China at the same time is completed.time is completed

"2000!" The thing which this number means? The restroom choice which is good in the best! ? - Chongqing City: Record China
The public toilet which seemed to be the amusement park which raised "a really good restroom" and a plate in Hiroto street of Chongqing City on February 4, 2008 appeared.

A popular name "knee hao restroom" having neither the door nor the partition is famous, but I often appear in the various restrooms which made an elaborate plans and, speaking of a restroom in China, become a civic topic.
This "really good restroom" is dotted with various restrooms which published various themes on the slope of the mountain.

I say that 2,000 people can add business at this restroom, the same time occupying the large site that extends to full length 850m.
Despite Chinese a population of 1,300,000,000 people, would inevitability to make so a lot be achieved?

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