It is memorial service / Ehime of the seventh year from Ehime Maru accident

It is seven years / Ehime from - Ehime Maru accident to mourn for "the security of the world sea" nine victims
 It was collided the training vessel "Ehime Maru" of Ehime prefectural Uwajima fisheries high school (above-mentioned prefecture Uwajima-shi) in the U.S. Hawaii offing in February, 2001 by U.S. nuclear submarine "Greeneville", and, as for the trainees, it was opened a ceremony 9 in school gymnasium on "a day of Ehime Maru accident remembrance" on 10th when I invited full 7 by a late accident.
 About 340 in total attend at all the students and the staff of a school, the bereaved of a victim in a ceremony. I put signal bells of the Ehime Maru which I left from all over the sea together at the accident outbreak time of 8:43 a.m. and clapped it nine times and gave a silent prayer to 9.
 Principal Haruki Tamai "must not let an accident weather". It is greetings so that tragedy of such sea is never repeated when it wants to pray for security of the world sea with all of you. A local chorus group sang a requiem, and all the participants offered flowers to a memorial service monument of original Kadowaki.

Their young dream to the future has been sunk by the bottom of the deep sea.
I pray its soul may rest in peace to them heartily.

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