China food poisoning incident was a terrorist Gyoza.

Japan's factory in China poisoned gyoza and frozen food distribution is a lot of crop damage, and those with food recall the incident that has been occurring.

The poisoned meat dumplings were included in Japan in the manufacture and sale of poison used is not toxic pesticides.

Therefore, Japanese police said, "Japan has a low possibility of incorporation" and announced.
Japan possession of the poison to the people because it is very limited.

But China's recent conference, the investigators said, "instead of pesticide residue due to anthropogenic seen the incorporation METAMIDOHOSU China is a very small possibility" and said, "China is a country that does not incorporation" he said.

Health Minister Youiti Masuzoe, Chinese authorities dumpling scandal discomfort - social News:
Health Minister Youiti Masuzoe 29 morning in a press conference after the cabinet meeting, the Chinese dumpling made of poisoning cases in China's domestic authorities have denied about tampering "with the investigation into the cause is right. Stage I How to be released or something, "said the discomfort.

Health Minister Youiti Masuzoe said, "(the detection of pesticides) come from another kind of impression and so it has the first crack a case is not NUGUENAI distrust," he said. "This is a technical issue, the investigation of the matter, Japan and China as a political settlement is simply no story," he said.

NIKKEI NET (Nikkei Net): Social News - domestic and social problems from an accident or incident subject to the News
Chinese dumpling poisoning incident, the Directorate General of China's National Quality Supervision and Quarantine Inspection wei Tadashi Tsutae deputy head of the Directorate General of the 28th press conference, "the Japanese news agency reporter METAMIDOHOSU pesticides purchased for possession and had seized mobile , "he said.

This is about the Kyodo News Service, China Directorate General of the 15th reporter, dumpling manufacturing plant in China's Hebei Province to Beijing on the way back to the Directorate General checkpoint stopped by the press in the back seat of a car purchased by organophosphate insecticide METAMIDOHOSU bottle was for about three hours detained by officials from the Hebei provincial government was questioned on the matter Wednesday.

The incident behind the anthropogenic terrorism, and China is a bogus information on the plot.

China has made the Olympics to avoid unfavorable information revealed it is now with the communist behavior has been done.

What the other players in the Olympics, China's food and drug and health care that are wanted.

And this incident is evident from the public in the form of hope that the matter be resolved.

China tomorrow poisoned food to eat because you might have.

Japan wins from China violating the rules in a match of Football.

Japan beat China by the winning goal of the Yamase success player by East Asia soccer.
Two games of a boy were performed here on 20th on the third East Asia championship day of soccer, and Japan which aimed at first championship beat local China by 1-0 and did it with one one win drawn game. China 2 did not have championship by a straight defeat.
 Japan replaces starting six people from game with tied North Korea of the first round and Yamase success (Yokohama M) pushes a fumbled ball from the left cross into the first half for 17 minutes and scores the first it. I had difficulty dealing with a Chinese rough play in the latter half, but Japan won.

Japan won a match, but thinks that a Japanese is not glad even if I can beat the Chinese team playing which is such a cowardice.

【Football】A Chinese goal keeper is the violence of the foul in a Chinese match vs. Japan.-Video-CUTPLAZA

East Asia 2008 Japan VS China Chinese rough plays-Video-CUTPLAZA

The violence of the foul by the Chinese side goalkeeper.

Violence to tighten a neck to the Japanese player by the Chinese side player.

The Chinese goal keeper who goes to kick a Japanese player not a ball obviously.

The Chinese goal keeper who goes to kick a Japanese player not a ball obviously.

The Chinese goal keeper who goes to kick a Japanese player not a ball obviously.

Awful, the country called China has low level of sports mind and the human nature.

A Chinese athletic supporter loses in Japan and I am annoyed and burn a Japanese national flag.

East Asian soccer championships in China to excess male offender fined 4,800 dollars for one million dollars in additional fines.
China's East Asian Football Championship in the men's 23 sheets of 8 yellow card in the game against North Korea, one red card after two red cards that regard, the Federation of East Asia was fined 10,000 dollars (about 1.07 million yen) decided to impose. The Federation of Kokura純二24th Games Organizing Committee Chairman, announced.

RAFUPURE tournament in China were first and second game was a warning to a fine of four times more than 4,500 dollars (about 48 million) after disposal, but will receive additional punishment.

It is memorial service / Ehime of the seventh year from Ehime Maru accident

It is seven years / Ehime from - Ehime Maru accident to mourn for "the security of the world sea" nine victims
 It was collided the training vessel "Ehime Maru" of Ehime prefectural Uwajima fisheries high school (above-mentioned prefecture Uwajima-shi) in the U.S. Hawaii offing in February, 2001 by U.S. nuclear submarine "Greeneville", and, as for the trainees, it was opened a ceremony 9 in school gymnasium on "a day of Ehime Maru accident remembrance" on 10th when I invited full 7 by a late accident.
 About 340 in total attend at all the students and the staff of a school, the bereaved of a victim in a ceremony. I put signal bells of the Ehime Maru which I left from all over the sea together at the accident outbreak time of 8:43 a.m. and clapped it nine times and gave a silent prayer to 9.
 Principal Haruki Tamai "must not let an accident weather". It is greetings so that tragedy of such sea is never repeated when it wants to pray for security of the world sea with all of you. A local chorus group sang a requiem, and all the participants offered flowers to a memorial service monument of original Kadowaki.

Their young dream to the future has been sunk by the bottom of the deep sea.
I pray its soul may rest in peace to them heartily.

The public toilet which 2,000 people can use for China at the same time is completed.time is completed

"2000!" The thing which this number means? The restroom choice which is good in the best! ? - Chongqing City: Record China
The public toilet which seemed to be the amusement park which raised "a really good restroom" and a plate in Hiroto street of Chongqing City on February 4, 2008 appeared.

A popular name "knee hao restroom" having neither the door nor the partition is famous, but I often appear in the various restrooms which made an elaborate plans and, speaking of a restroom in China, become a civic topic.
This "really good restroom" is dotted with various restrooms which published various themes on the slope of the mountain.

I say that 2,000 people can add business at this restroom, the same time occupying the large site that extends to full length 850m.
Despite Chinese a population of 1,300,000,000 people, would inevitability to make so a lot be achieved?