[Video]We will rock you Japanese Ver

It is the collaboration performance of the Japanese traditional music and rock music.

By "a concert without the school of joruri clause title" We will rock you Japanese Ver-Video-CUTPLAZA

"A fire fighter of the Edo" - oedo no hikeshi (smoke on the water)-Video-CUTPLAZA

[Ghibli]LAPUTA: Castle in the Sky - Gregory Colbert

The music that is sung in animated cartoon motion picture "LAPUTA" of Manager Hayao Miyazaki.
Listen to the music with a picture work of Gregory Colbert.

A song of "LAPUTA: Castle in the Sky" of the animated movie "picks you up to a picture work of Gregory Colbert, and" a Japanese singer sings.-Video-CUTPLAZA

"LAPUTA: Castle in the Sky" LAPUTA: Castle in the Sky-Video-CUTPLAZA