Re "Racist Australia and Japanese whaling"

It is the impression that watched an animation called "Racist Australia and Japanese whaling".

Racist Australia and Japanese whaling-Video-CUTPLAZA

Tomo is a Japanese.

Japanese most have not eaten a whale.
In addition, it is a person without the need to live.

However, there is the person whom the history shows that whaling was culture.

In addition, there is the story that the cause why a fish decreased to assumes that whales increased recently.

Because the whale has loud intelligence, there is a person that it is cruel to murder.

I hear that I butcher it because there were too many kangaroos.

And we eat a cow and a pig and a bird and live.

Will a kangaroo and the other animals have a low intelligence?

I said that the Australian government wanted you to refrain from capture and the investigation of the Japanese whale.

If it is it, to turn wheat to pass to the biofuel to for appetite feels like seeming to be ecology very much because the country of the food shortage is helped.

It is a bad custom of American and European countries that nothing gives another solution, and do military mat hold.

The Japanese does not load a gun and a bomb onto a fishing boat.

I point a gun to the Japanese fishing boat, and the violence letting a ship hurl itself is not a permissible thing.

I pray for a little more constructive talks being performed between Japan and Australia.