A record of wins and losses of 191 Michelin sparkled in Tokyo.

AFP: Michelin guide gives Tokyo record stars
France's Michelin guide launched its highly anticipated Tokyo edition Monday, for the first time awarding stars to every restaurant as it hailed the quality of the city's cuisine.

The top eight included three traditional Japanese restaurants -- Hamadaya, Kanda and Koju -- along with the sushi houses Sukiyabashi Jiro and Sushi Mizutani.

Three French restaurants also received the full three stars -- Joel Robuchon, L'Osier and Quintessence.

Published in both Japanese and English, the guide will hit bookstores Tuesday evening.

Daily sports online/ Michelin / entertainment society news flash surprising "Tokyo for Paris overpowering"
 "Trailed Paris, and brought down Tokyo from the position of the capital of the dainty food" (Associated Press); "forget Paris and New York and Rome". The home of the gourmet Tokyo だ (Reuter). Overseas Medea reacted to the number of stars that a restaurant of Tokyo got having exceeded knee Paris of Michelin greatly sensitively.

 Of 191 as for Michelin Tokyo version in restaurant 150 shop of Tokyo in total starred it. On the other hand, according to the French public radio, (except the Paris suburbs), New York remain in 54 for 97 total number of the star which a restaurant of Paris holds. Paris and New York will not come true in the thickness of the layer of the dainty food in Tokyo if they obey evaluation of Michelin.

I may be different from the overseas cooking in I keep the local cooking ingredient in a season in season alive, and expressing scenery of Japan of four seasons in a container in the Japanese foods having technology to eat a fresh raw fish deliciously and the cooking of Japanese foods.
The method without the face had manners peculiar to Japan, and they may have made a fresh impression on their eyes.

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