A recommended tourist attraction after the way of Ehime.

I introduce a recommended tourist attraction of Japanese Matsuyama-shi, Ehime.

I am interesting even if I consider that it is the outskirts with "GIYAMAN" after a way.
There seems to be the craft beer after a way, too.
Dogo Onsen | It is a garden of GIYAMAN after a way
Mizuguchi brewing

In the dumpling shop which a right or wrong "pot" and a shop come out to in a novel / a son because an industrial art object or souvenirs gather in the shopping district after the way, it is the ancestor of the son dumpling.
Besides, there is the huge son dumpling, and there is a mechanism clock in the open space. Over the institutions such as the hotels where there is footbathing (there is the footbathing set in the shopping district after a way.) Even if borrow a towel at a lodging, a thing of) may be good; sleep, and there is the Shiki Masaoka connection of the haiku poet, too.
■ Shiki-do - Wikipedia
■ Matsuyama-shi homepage Municipal Shiki Memorial Museum http://www.city.matsuyama.ehime.jp/sikihaku/

I am most suitable for winter so that "Chin-Chin Densya(Densya = train )" or "the cloud museum on the slope" which it comes from a cloud on a novel / the slope I step on "Boccyan-ressya(ressya = train )", and to climb Matsuyama-jo Castle, and was made of the streetcar knows the history though it is cold.

A Saka-no-Ue-no-kumo "cloud museum on the slope"

"Ishite-ji(Ishite-ji = temple )" is close in a way later to taste a feeling of the pilgrimage.

I think the bell to be able to be in sight in New Year holidays.
Ishite-ji(An Ishite = temple) - Wikipedia

Memorial and the Tobe firing (after the experience of the picture charge account, I send a work) of Juzo Itami are good, too, but a place may be too far.
Juzo Itami Memorial top page
Village -TOBEYAKI ENNOSATO-. of the Tobe fried sightseeing center flame

Matsuyama-shi | A tour guide
It is story - Dogo Onsen hotel cooperative ... after a way
Dogo Onsen - Wikipedia[A representative hot spring of Japanese Matsuyama-shi, Ehime.]
Ehime sightseeing & recreation guide - goo Ehime
■ A cake
Tart / Boccyan-Dango / Poem / Usu-Zumi-Youkan / Rouken-Manjyuu / Syouyu-Mochi / Higiri-Yaki.
An official homepage of a thing of Rouken-Manjyuu.

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