Does a forest of Totoro disappear?

"Mori of Totoro" who became a model of Japanese animated cartoon "My Neighbor Totoro" seems to face a crisis that a forest disappears by residential land development.

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Tokyo Shimbun: Manager Hayao Miyazaki "precious natural building a breakwater Mamoru" is the issue of "forest maintenance of Totoro": Saitama(TOKYO Web)
Tokyo Shimbun: Ministry of the Environment chef de cabinet is inspection Higashimurayama-shi, Tokyo "forest adjoining land of Totoro": Saitama(TOKYO Web)

The society where a forest can coexist with a human being without destroying nature expects a forthcoming day.

In "Oldness and a foundation home of Totoro" of the donation seem to be called.

Oldness and a foundation home of Totoro
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Living Mori of "Totoro" is going to disappear now

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