Japanese traditional game "shogi"

It is the game that it is very good, and resembled Japanese chess the shogi stimulates a piece each other, and to take the piece.

We have explanation in how to play to the following.

Shogi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

[Game] The chessboard which can move a piece at the same time together

I am very poor at both the shogi and the chess.


[A super play] The animation of the moment when a professional shogi player loses in two steps in NHK cup shogi-Video-CUTPLAZA

Close Bags without Using a bag Clip

A special method to save it was introduced without anything using the bag of the half-eaten potato chip for the clip.
The potato chip which is delicious in this again is a thing to be edible.

A tip I use nothing, and to pin the bag of the half-eaten potato chip on-Video-CUTPLAZA

Gmail: Behind the Scenes (Final Cut)

It seems to be structure before an email arriving in Gmail of Google.
There was so great hardship.

■ Gmail: Behind the Scenes (Final Cut)
Gmail: Behind the Scenes (Final Cut)-Video-CUTPLAZA

Fantastic!Great Job To All Who Participated!ah, i totally should have done something..oh, And When Will GMail Make A 'Ping' Noise Like That?


There is music called "YMCA", but I feel mysterious when I hear somewhat overseas "YMCA" and am happy because a Japanese singer sings in Japan.

YMCA Puppeteer-Video-CUTPLAZA

Gregorius: NMKY (Finnish YMCA cover)-Video-CUTPLAZA

■ "YMCA" for Japan
*Possibly there is it when I am not seen because there is the Japanese animation joint ownership site to an overseas person.
Hideki Saijo "YOUNG MAN"-Video-CUTPLAZA
Hard Gay - Young Man-Video-CUTPLAZA

I knew them in Zaeega.
Zaeega: 【MOVIE】Finnish version "NMKY" of YMCA

"Wooden Mirror" to project the figure of the person on

"Wooden Mirror" which Daniel Rozin which the tip of the tree that 1,000 were displayed changed an angle each, and projected the figure of the person who stood before a mirror in shadow born thereby announced.

Daniel Rozin: Wooden Mirror-Video-CUTPLAZA
The 4 mechanical mirrors are made of various materials but share the same behavior and interaction; any person standing in front of one of these pieces is instantly reflected on its surface.

It is simply an idea and good technology and a good word to "be splendid".

Image and Video that the South Pole is cool.

A hotter day continues, but please be careful about physical condition very much.
You be done enjoying the cool breeze of with the picture that a penguin and the deep sea of the South Pole are cool.

Life Beneath Antarctic Ice
Life Beneath Antarctic Ice - Photo Essays - TIME

Summer in the Antarctic Ice (part 1)-Video-CUTPLAZA

Summer in the Antarctic Ice (part 2)-Video-CUTPLAZA
Summer in the Antarctic Ice (part 3)-Video-CUTPLAZA

Nature seems to become strange by warming of the earth, but is anxious whether the point is all right from now on.

Super Furry Animals - It's Not The End of the World?peace come!

It is PV by the doll which featured the theme of war by the song called "It's Not The End of the World?" of "Super Furry Animals".

Super Furry Animals - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Super Furry Animals - It's Not The End of the World?-Video-CUTPLAZA

A text is this one.
Super Furry Animals-"It's not the end of the world?"

The day when world people can share a smile and happiness with peace come!

Does a forest of Totoro disappear?

"Mori of Totoro" who became a model of Japanese animated cartoon "My Neighbor Totoro" seems to face a crisis that a forest disappears by residential land development.

My Neighbor Totoro - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tokyo Shimbun: Manager Hayao Miyazaki "precious natural building a breakwater Mamoru" is the issue of "forest maintenance of Totoro": Saitama(TOKYO Web)
Tokyo Shimbun: Ministry of the Environment chef de cabinet is inspection Higashimurayama-shi, Tokyo "forest adjoining land of Totoro": Saitama(TOKYO Web)

The society where a forest can coexist with a human being without destroying nature expects a forthcoming day.

In "Oldness and a foundation home of Totoro" of the donation seem to be called.

Oldness and a foundation home of Totoro
Please Page - Please Page
Living Mori of "Totoro" is going to disappear now

Please please support him! !

[Video]Chick Factory - How Chicks Hatch (Factory-Style)

The factory which sorts a chick hatched from an egg.

How Chicks Hatch (Factory-Style)-Video-CUTPLAZA

As for I say for the working of the human life, and a pretty chick watching what is processed automatically, there is the sad one side.