Re "Racist Australia and Japanese whaling"

It is the impression that watched an animation called "Racist Australia and Japanese whaling".

Racist Australia and Japanese whaling-Video-CUTPLAZA

Tomo is a Japanese.

Japanese most have not eaten a whale.
In addition, it is a person without the need to live.

However, there is the person whom the history shows that whaling was culture.

In addition, there is the story that the cause why a fish decreased to assumes that whales increased recently.

Because the whale has loud intelligence, there is a person that it is cruel to murder.

I hear that I butcher it because there were too many kangaroos.

And we eat a cow and a pig and a bird and live.

Will a kangaroo and the other animals have a low intelligence?

I said that the Australian government wanted you to refrain from capture and the investigation of the Japanese whale.

If it is it, to turn wheat to pass to the biofuel to for appetite feels like seeming to be ecology very much because the country of the food shortage is helped.

It is a bad custom of American and European countries that nothing gives another solution, and do military mat hold.

The Japanese does not load a gun and a bomb onto a fishing boat.

I point a gun to the Japanese fishing boat, and the violence letting a ship hurl itself is not a permissible thing.

I pray for a little more constructive talks being performed between Japan and Australia.

[Video]Anyone is astonished on this excitement motorcycle!

urban and freestyle trial-Video-CUTPLAZA】【Japanese reason

I am very innocent, and he who runs on downtown on off-road motorcycle lightly enjoys that I get on a motorcycle.
But how does the person of the downtown think of his run?

A record of wins and losses of 191 Michelin sparkled in Tokyo.

AFP: Michelin guide gives Tokyo record stars
France's Michelin guide launched its highly anticipated Tokyo edition Monday, for the first time awarding stars to every restaurant as it hailed the quality of the city's cuisine.

The top eight included three traditional Japanese restaurants -- Hamadaya, Kanda and Koju -- along with the sushi houses Sukiyabashi Jiro and Sushi Mizutani.

Three French restaurants also received the full three stars -- Joel Robuchon, L'Osier and Quintessence.

Published in both Japanese and English, the guide will hit bookstores Tuesday evening.

Daily sports online/ Michelin / entertainment society news flash surprising "Tokyo for Paris overpowering"
 "Trailed Paris, and brought down Tokyo from the position of the capital of the dainty food" (Associated Press); "forget Paris and New York and Rome". The home of the gourmet Tokyo だ (Reuter). Overseas Medea reacted to the number of stars that a restaurant of Tokyo got having exceeded knee Paris of Michelin greatly sensitively.

 Of 191 as for Michelin Tokyo version in restaurant 150 shop of Tokyo in total starred it. On the other hand, according to the French public radio, (except the Paris suburbs), New York remain in 54 for 97 total number of the star which a restaurant of Paris holds. Paris and New York will not come true in the thickness of the layer of the dainty food in Tokyo if they obey evaluation of Michelin.

I may be different from the overseas cooking in I keep the local cooking ingredient in a season in season alive, and expressing scenery of Japan of four seasons in a container in the Japanese foods having technology to eat a fresh raw fish deliciously and the cooking of Japanese foods.
The method without the face had manners peculiar to Japan, and they may have made a fresh impression on their eyes.

"Fridges" - The sad story of a broken refrigerator.

"Fridges" - A sad story of the refrigerator which it was broken, and was thrown away.-Video-CUTPLAZA

The work which throws doubt to the consumption society.
The human being repeats the same mistake endlessly again even if I doubt ecology and earth destruction no matter how much.
I was made to think whether there is not something made from a small thing.

The operation of the Indian girl is finished safely.

An operation of child Lakshmi of the woman whom hands and feet were born of in by two of them seems to have been finished safely.

Mon Amour: An operation of 2 years old girl Lakshmi of four four Indian arm legs begins. - Doctors Successfully Remove Extra Limbs From Girl
A team of 30 surgeons in India were successfully able to remove 6 extra limbs from a youh girl from the city of Bahir, according to media reports Wednesday.

Doctors were able to remove the extra limbs from Lakshmi while salvaging her organs and restoring her pelvis, CNN reported.

Dr. Sharan Patil said that the two-year-old girl will now be able to enjoy a full and normal life.

"We will keep a close watch on her for the next 48 to 72 hours and won't move from the hospital until she stabilises," Dr Patil added.

Doctors believe she has an 80 percent chance of surviving the operations.

"We have to monitor her very closely for the next two to three days before we are able to say anything more," said a hospital spokeswoman.

"Having said that, she is not in any kind of danger right now," she added.

"The operation was a success, and she looks normal now, with two arms and two legs."

Dr. Patil stated that Lakshmi would not have lived into her teens had she not had the procedure.

Her father Shambhu said:
'It will be great to see our daughter have a normal body.
We were worried for her future.'

The surgery was performed free of charge.

Can please recover in health safely after this and say grace.

A recommended tourist attraction after the way of Ehime.

I introduce a recommended tourist attraction of Japanese Matsuyama-shi, Ehime.

I am interesting even if I consider that it is the outskirts with "GIYAMAN" after a way.
There seems to be the craft beer after a way, too.
Dogo Onsen | It is a garden of GIYAMAN after a way
Mizuguchi brewing

In the dumpling shop which a right or wrong "pot" and a shop come out to in a novel / a son because an industrial art object or souvenirs gather in the shopping district after the way, it is the ancestor of the son dumpling.
Besides, there is the huge son dumpling, and there is a mechanism clock in the open space. Over the institutions such as the hotels where there is footbathing (there is the footbathing set in the shopping district after a way.) Even if borrow a towel at a lodging, a thing of) may be good; sleep, and there is the Shiki Masaoka connection of the haiku poet, too.
■ Shiki-do - Wikipedia
■ Matsuyama-shi homepage Municipal Shiki Memorial Museum

I am most suitable for winter so that "Chin-Chin Densya(Densya = train )" or "the cloud museum on the slope" which it comes from a cloud on a novel / the slope I step on "Boccyan-ressya(ressya = train )", and to climb Matsuyama-jo Castle, and was made of the streetcar knows the history though it is cold.

A Saka-no-Ue-no-kumo "cloud museum on the slope"

"Ishite-ji(Ishite-ji = temple )" is close in a way later to taste a feeling of the pilgrimage.

I think the bell to be able to be in sight in New Year holidays.
Ishite-ji(An Ishite = temple) - Wikipedia

Memorial and the Tobe firing (after the experience of the picture charge account, I send a work) of Juzo Itami are good, too, but a place may be too far.
Juzo Itami Memorial top page
Village -TOBEYAKI ENNOSATO-. of the Tobe fried sightseeing center flame

Matsuyama-shi | A tour guide
It is story - Dogo Onsen hotel cooperative ... after a way
Dogo Onsen - Wikipedia[A representative hot spring of Japanese Matsuyama-shi, Ehime.]
Ehime sightseeing & recreation guide - goo Ehime
■ A cake
Tart / Boccyan-Dango / Poem / Usu-Zumi-Youkan / Rouken-Manjyuu / Syouyu-Mochi / Higiri-Yaki.
An official homepage of a thing of Rouken-Manjyuu.

An operation of 2 years old girl Lakshmi of four four Indian arm legs begins.

Surgery for girl with eight limbs is going smoothly doctors say -
Partway through a mammoth 40-hour operation on a 2-year-old girl born with four arms and four legs, surgeons in India said the procedure is going according to plan, with no problems encountered.

"The surgery is going on very well so far," head surgeon Dr. Sharan Patil told CNN. The surgery to separate Lakshmi Tatma from her "parasitic twin" continues, he said, with a team of some 30 surgeons.

Is considerably particular; it seems that is operated on, but an operation succeeds by all means, and pray for giving your parents joy with the pretty smile of the small goddess.

haunted house wedding.A bridegroom appears with a coffin.

Ghouls, goblins gather for haunted house wedding -
As well-wishing zombies and witches looked on, a couple got married at the haunted house where they work.

Tina Milhoane, 22, and Robert Seifer III, 24, exchanged vows Wednesday at the entrance to the 7 Floors of Hell haunted house's outdoor cemetery.

The groom made his entrance in a hearse, emerging from a coffin borne by six pallbearers.

"It's weird watching your son get out of a coffin," said his father, Robert Seifer II. "Usually when you see someone in a coffin, they're going the other way -- in, not out."

The minister, clad as the Grim Reaper, read The Lord's Prayer from a scroll clutched in bony-gloved hand.

"This is the sweetest wedding that I've ever been to," said co-worker Tim Perrien, his face caked in makeup.

His date, Jessica Repas, was dripping with blood as the lead character in the horror move "Carrie."

"It was morbid," gushed friend Katie O'Malley. "Beautiful."

The wedding ceremony is fearful and cannot attend me.

【Halloween】20071027 Yamanote Line train hijacked by foreigners

The foreigner who did Halloween Festival in the train of one "Yamanote Line(Yamanote sen)" of the route of the train of Japanese Tokyo troubled a Japanese.

The Japanese drinks not to mention eating and drinking by the Japanese train and must not dance it in nude.
When there will not be the Japanese so that it is decided by a law, there cannot be the thing carrying out those acts by a manner and morals.
However, some foreigners were excited about stupid "festive mood". And I troubled people.

Do not say that "When in Japan, do as the Japan do.",; but "at least even as for the act that what make noise to a minimum troubling a person enjoys".

CUTPLAZA BLOG | A foreigner is a Halloween party, and the spot is annoyed by an uproar in Yamanote Line on 27th
CUTPLAZA BLOG | It seems to be the mind why a foreigner makes a fuss today at a Halloween party in Yamanote Line on 27th

Painful news (ノ ∀ `):) 【Halloween】Are great confusion, the Japanese peace and order all right with Yamanote Line Jack by the

Halloweenterro @ Wik
Halloweenterro @ Wik - Is it damage report? (The truth is unidentified)

The Yamanote Halloween Train vs. Japanese Netizen Rage : Japan Probe

20071027 Halloween Yamanote Line foreign riot @ Shinjuku Station-Video-CUTPLAZA

20071027 Halloween Yamanote Line foreign riot @ Shinjuku Station 1-Video-CUTPLAZA
20071027 Halloween Yamanote Line foreign riot @ Shinjuku Station 2-Video-CUTPLAZA
20071027 Halloween Yamanote Line foreign riot @ Shinjuku Station 3-Video-CUTPLAZA
20071027 Halloween Yamanote Line foreign riot @ Shinjuku Station 4-Video-CUTPLAZA
20071027 Halloween Yamanote Line foreign riot @ Shinjuku Station 5-Video-CUTPLAZA
20071027 Halloween Yamanote Line foreign riot @ Shinjuku Station Discount-Video-CUTPLAZA

Get a Mac ad"Hello I'm Mac" and Parody

It is a commercial of Apple of the company which is famous for iPod or iPhone.
■ Apple Get a Mac Ad: Choose a Vista

■ Get a Mac ad with Gisele Bundchen

And it is "Parody" of the commercial of Apple of the company where the following photographs are famous for the iPod or iPhone.

Parody : Get a Mac ad

The super shot that is splendid by surprise by the pro golfer

It is the super shot that is splendid by surprise by the pro golfer.

Amazing golf shot-Video-CUTPLAZA

Tiger Woods Amazing Golf Shot-Video-CUTPLAZA

Without using a putter for a commoner; a hole in one and cup in are dreams within a dream.
Even if at last I am in tune with green, I beat in a putter many times.
It is how to spend on the holiday when it is good to drink even beer while watching television most.

Japanese traditional game "shogi"

It is the game that it is very good, and resembled Japanese chess the shogi stimulates a piece each other, and to take the piece.

We have explanation in how to play to the following.

Shogi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

[Game] The chessboard which can move a piece at the same time together

I am very poor at both the shogi and the chess.


[A super play] The animation of the moment when a professional shogi player loses in two steps in NHK cup shogi-Video-CUTPLAZA

Close Bags without Using a bag Clip

A special method to save it was introduced without anything using the bag of the half-eaten potato chip for the clip.
The potato chip which is delicious in this again is a thing to be edible.

A tip I use nothing, and to pin the bag of the half-eaten potato chip on-Video-CUTPLAZA

Gmail: Behind the Scenes (Final Cut)

It seems to be structure before an email arriving in Gmail of Google.
There was so great hardship.

■ Gmail: Behind the Scenes (Final Cut)
Gmail: Behind the Scenes (Final Cut)-Video-CUTPLAZA

Fantastic!Great Job To All Who Participated!ah, i totally should have done something..oh, And When Will GMail Make A 'Ping' Noise Like That?


There is music called "YMCA", but I feel mysterious when I hear somewhat overseas "YMCA" and am happy because a Japanese singer sings in Japan.

YMCA Puppeteer-Video-CUTPLAZA

Gregorius: NMKY (Finnish YMCA cover)-Video-CUTPLAZA

■ "YMCA" for Japan
*Possibly there is it when I am not seen because there is the Japanese animation joint ownership site to an overseas person.
Hideki Saijo "YOUNG MAN"-Video-CUTPLAZA
Hard Gay - Young Man-Video-CUTPLAZA

I knew them in Zaeega.
Zaeega: 【MOVIE】Finnish version "NMKY" of YMCA

"Wooden Mirror" to project the figure of the person on

"Wooden Mirror" which Daniel Rozin which the tip of the tree that 1,000 were displayed changed an angle each, and projected the figure of the person who stood before a mirror in shadow born thereby announced.

Daniel Rozin: Wooden Mirror-Video-CUTPLAZA
The 4 mechanical mirrors are made of various materials but share the same behavior and interaction; any person standing in front of one of these pieces is instantly reflected on its surface.

It is simply an idea and good technology and a good word to "be splendid".

Image and Video that the South Pole is cool.

A hotter day continues, but please be careful about physical condition very much.
You be done enjoying the cool breeze of with the picture that a penguin and the deep sea of the South Pole are cool.

Life Beneath Antarctic Ice
Life Beneath Antarctic Ice - Photo Essays - TIME

Summer in the Antarctic Ice (part 1)-Video-CUTPLAZA

Summer in the Antarctic Ice (part 2)-Video-CUTPLAZA
Summer in the Antarctic Ice (part 3)-Video-CUTPLAZA

Nature seems to become strange by warming of the earth, but is anxious whether the point is all right from now on.

Super Furry Animals - It's Not The End of the World?peace come!

It is PV by the doll which featured the theme of war by the song called "It's Not The End of the World?" of "Super Furry Animals".

Super Furry Animals - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Super Furry Animals - It's Not The End of the World?-Video-CUTPLAZA

A text is this one.
Super Furry Animals-"It's not the end of the world?"

The day when world people can share a smile and happiness with peace come!

Does a forest of Totoro disappear?

"Mori of Totoro" who became a model of Japanese animated cartoon "My Neighbor Totoro" seems to face a crisis that a forest disappears by residential land development.

My Neighbor Totoro - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tokyo Shimbun: Manager Hayao Miyazaki "precious natural building a breakwater Mamoru" is the issue of "forest maintenance of Totoro": Saitama(TOKYO Web)
Tokyo Shimbun: Ministry of the Environment chef de cabinet is inspection Higashimurayama-shi, Tokyo "forest adjoining land of Totoro": Saitama(TOKYO Web)

The society where a forest can coexist with a human being without destroying nature expects a forthcoming day.

In "Oldness and a foundation home of Totoro" of the donation seem to be called.

Oldness and a foundation home of Totoro
Please Page - Please Page
Living Mori of "Totoro" is going to disappear now

Please please support him! !

[Video]Chick Factory - How Chicks Hatch (Factory-Style)

The factory which sorts a chick hatched from an egg.

How Chicks Hatch (Factory-Style)-Video-CUTPLAZA

As for I say for the working of the human life, and a pretty chick watching what is processed automatically, there is the sad one side.