Korean lie in South Korea ship sinking.

South Korea ship sinking accident that occurred in the Jindo off, many lies is discovered from at the time of the accident.

Lie's culture of Korean, but the constitution of the liar does not seem to change catastrophe many people like die even happening.

Chers tous ceux qui iront au Festival international BD d'Angoulême

Japanese have not made South Koreans a sex slave.
Although there was a South Korean prostitute who asked for the big-ticket salary, Japan is not gathering comfort women compulsorily.
South Koreans are deluding overseas people with false information.
South Koreans stood the bronze statue which looks down upon Japanese people to the United States, and use the United States for propaganda diffusion.
If the act of South Korea in this France comics festival is admitted, South Korea will be your country from now on. It will use for political propaganda.
It is don't carry out political use of the Angouleme international comics festival. Please tell South Korea.

字幕付-Chers tous ceux qui iront au Festival international BD d'Angoulême-

-Chers tous ceux qui iront au Festival international BD d'Angoulême, 'S'il vous plaît ne soyez pas trompés dans les produits sud-coréens'-
Je n'ai pas confiance dans la prononciation du français.
S'il vous plaît activer les sous-titres.

-To all those who go to the international Comics Festival in Angoulême, 'Please do not be deceived in South Korean products'-
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The dose of radiation of South Korean Seoul is 4.32 uSv per hour.

When the dose of radiation was measured in the South Korean soul, the very high dose of radiation was measured.

0.22 uSv per hour of inside of shop.
4.32 uSv per hour which comes outside shop.

0.22 uSv per hour of inside of shop.
4.32 uSv per hour which comes outside shop.

Japan Fukushima habitation restraining area 3.4 uSv per hour
Fukushima prepared evacuation area 1.5 uSv per hour
Fukushima evacuation directive release preparation area 1.1 uSv per hour
Japan Tokyo 0.03 to 0.05 uSv per hour
Japan Sendai 0.07 uSv per hour
USA New York 0.25 uSv per hour
UK London 0.25 uSv per hour
France Paris 0.06 uSv per hour
Italy Roma 0.25 uSv per hour
China Beijing 0.08 uSv per hour
Taiwan Taipei 0.058 uSv per hour

South Korea stopped import of a Japanese marine product for the anti-Japan activity.

The South Korean problem is always made into the cause of Japan.
However, the South Korean nuclear power plant trouble had occurred.

The radioactive material has come out from the shellfish extracted in South Korean ocean space in the road paved in South Korea in 2000 and afterwards, or April, 2010.
It is a radioactive material of the South Korean origin.